About Us

Our Cosmic journey began in 2020, when the world was in lockdown. Shai decided that he couldn't sit idle, and wanted to grow something from scratch, where he could work doing something he loves! We are an online based collectibles company where affordability, and availability, are our passions. Our goal is to bring affordable prices to customers all over the UK, especially in these recent times. We make this possible because we trade solely online, so we can be extremely competitive with our prices. As collectors we know how expensive the hobby can be, so it is our goal to help customers save as much money when building their own collections.
Cosmic HQ is made up of Shai and Amanda. Shai is an avid collector, as has a special interest in Flesh and Blood. He is also a standout member of the TCG community, having been involved in all things TCG for many years. Amanda has a passion for Pokémon, especially loving Vulpix, and Ninetails!  We absolutely love these communities and with a lot of friends in the hobby, it is always an enjoyable experience when talking/trading. 
Shai organises all of our stock, and the website, he also packages each and every order carefully to ensure safe and secure delivery! He truly breathes the business and gives it his all!  Amanda oversees the social media aspect, interacting with customers on a daily basis and growing the Cosmic platform!
We always try our best to ensure a smooth and enjoyable customer experience for everyone. We love what we do and hope to continue it for years to come! Whether you have just come to browse as a first time customer, or you have been here since the start, we really appreciate each and every one of you!
Thank you to everyone that supports us on our continued journey <3.